Life is a rollercoaster ride: August 2009
Friday, August 7, 2009
「 dancing away 12:01 PM 」

Of Korean Food

I had Korean Food last couple weeks ago with my both sister at Mid Valley and Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is located at 3rd floor (Cinema Floor), just beside Carl’s Junior if I’m not mistaken.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Appetizer: salty ikan bilis, black beans, kimchi, some preserved vege.
2. My sister recommend this to me, it’s like a mixed rice. Consists of chicken meat, egg, seaweed, mushroom, vege with some sauce. Tasty!
3. Hot and Spicy Kimchi with rice
4. BBQ chicken with BBQ sauce (Korean sauce, I guess) with rice.

“Korean Green Tea”. The colour looks like sugar cane drink.
All in all, had a satisfying lunch. (:

P/S: No more journals (for now), yet stuck with lecture notes (aka exam notes).