Life is a rollercoaster ride: January 2009
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
「 dancing away 8:53 AM 」

A very quick and short Chinese New Year shoutout to every bloggers and readers out there.
May you have a Bull-ish year ahead and Bull your way towards a prosperous year,
Maintain a strong relationship just like the Ox,
Remain strong just like the Bull,
Abundance of luck as much as the hair behind of the Ox,
And remember, don’t get easily Bull headed.

Happy Chinese ‘Niu’ Year 2009!

Gong Hei Fatt Choyyyyyyyy!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009
「 dancing away 7:18 PM 」

“….. He remains doubtful for the next game. He picked up knee injury when he was having a futsal training match with his teammates. It looks like a serious knee injury and it’s a blow to his team as he was in good form. He has been performing consistently on the pitch with multiple assists and goals. Further examination by the team’s medical doctor shows that he could miss the action for up to one month. He remains hopeful that he will be available in the next game.”

What if this piece of news came out in the newspaper? I injured my left knee when I was having futsal with my classmates last Friday. I don’t know in depth what the injury was, I assumed that I twisted or sprained my bone (or whatever). Last weekend, it was swollen. But for the past few days, it is getting better and it’s still in pain, sometimes. Hopefully, I could recover soon (fingers crossed) as I seriously miss my futsal! (Cant bear when people asked me whether I can play tonight or not and have to reply them, “I can’t play”) Argh!

Thursday, January 15, 2009
「 dancing away 9:54 AM 」

It has been second week since I started my last semester in my second year studies. Well, I believe myself still in ‘warm up’ stage. I’m still refreshing myself back to studies yet getting back to study mode. I have a hard time to understand what the fuss the lecturer is rumbling in front. Instead, I could see others have jumped from ‘free gear’ or ‘warm up’ stage to ‘first gear’ or even ‘second gear’. I’m lacking enthusiasm. I’m lacking the will to catch up things. Perhaps I need ‘something’ to push me forward instead of changing back to ‘reverse’ gear.

This year would be my biggest test in terms of leadership skills and credentials. Yet, I was timely reminded by my senior. I will thrive to do my earnest best in producing the results. Well, it’s not too late to make a New Year resolution, right?

P/s: Some points to ponder upon: First, there are some consequences that you have to face and pay when you start blogging. The second thing was what Jaclyn
has mentioned in her blog, “a blog is never personal anymore”. She even mentioned in her blog that a blog is not the place for a stranger to judge or know a person’s character well. I couldn’t agree more.

P/p/s: My new semester timetable is terrible. During my first year, I have four hour break in between. But in this semester, I have five and half hour break! Five and half hour.! *speechless* Try to imagine; now I’m just in second week, theres another 11 plus weeks to endure this.

The timetable looks like this:
8.30 – 10am: Fermentation and Downstream Processing
10 – 3pm: Fermentation and Downstream Processing Lab (once in Jan, twice in Feb and once in Mac)
3 – 5pm: Bioprocess Engineering

8.30 – 10am: Food Microbiology
10 – 12pm: Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

8.30 – 10am: Fermentation and Downstream Processing
3.30 – 5.30pm: Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

8.30 – 10am: Food Microbiology
10 – 1pm: Food Microbiology Lab

8.30 – 10am: Bioprocess Engineering

Did you manage to spot the five and half hour break? Duh!