Life is a rollercoaster ride: August 2008
Friday, August 29, 2008
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Blast Off..!!!!

oh boy..i really had a blast during orientation last thursday and friday (even though thursday session kinda boring)..anyway..being one of the committee member of SASSA (school of applied sciences student association),i need to be there as 'representing' the whole school of applied sciences..nothing glamour ya..hehe..

so..yeah..basically the whole orientation thing was organised by the new team of student council..first day of orientation was last thursday..the first task that thrown to me was the registration where i need to register all of the new SASSA students and present them with a Digi goodie bag which includes one Digi notebook, one Domino Pizza voucher (hey..i dont have this stuff during my orientation time..hmph!) and some files and student guide from UCSI..

the next thing which caught me by suprise was i need to prepare a cheer for the whole new SASSA students..really had zero, kosong, blank idea what type of cheer should i come out with..phew..luckily, got one girl come out with this cheer which i found out..hmm..not bad..and thank you for saving me..!'s the cheer.. (=

"everywhere we go.........
people want to know........
who we are.....
we are the students of......
SASSA!!!!" =O (nice..of course plus some rhythm there

so..that concluded my first day of orientation..actually quite sien lor cus got all the briefings etc etc *yawn* nothing to do also,jus listen and listen..then,i was informed by the student council that they will be having an amazing race on friday(fuiyoh..!!) plus a short skit or drama or sketch (whatever what you want to call them) for the new was quite pleased to see as all the students who joins both activity were from both international and the local students.. (=

oh ya..before the amazing race starts..we have to go all the way down to the foyer near Block A where we need to sing 'Negaraku' as part of Independence Day this sunday..which i found it quite..erm..suprising as in the midst of the orientation..hmm..anyway,the amazing race was a blast..!we have to choose at least 8 students from each faculty (being the faculty of applied sciences) team was damn semangat in winning the grand prize which is a huge hamper which is sponsored by! ;) we were the lucky ones as we were the second group to be flagged off..hehe..!there were five stations set up all around the campus..

1st station=where you have to memorise stuff which is in front of the student council office
2nd station=need to do some calculation outside the library..(can use calculator =p)
3rd station=blackjack (yup..!) against the facilitator at the recital hall..(most tiring as we need to run up all the way to 3rd stairs k?)
4th station=place coin onto the black color dot center on a piece of paper
5th station=pass the rubberband using short and long straws..(easy..hehe)

after kao tim-ed all the stations, we need to return back to MPH to finish the race..unexpectedly..we were the first team to arrive..!yeah..! =D did not expect at all to arrive first since we were the second group to be flagged during the briefing time,i can see all those muscular and athletic type students who stands a higher chance of winning.. ;) meanwhile, some of the students who did not took part(sorry) in the amazing race were busy preparing some stuffs for the sketch..

the title of the sketch was "Caveman"..i came out with an idea (last minute,hehe!) about the Caveman was fun and interesting sketch as everyone needs to cooperate to each other and gives the sound effect to each different part of the :p it turn out,we,the SASSA team, won the first prize of the whole thing (drama+amazing race)...!!!yeah..!which is an unbelievable experience to all of i mentioned earlier,this was the grand prize which we were gunning

all in was great experience for me through out the whole orientation was fun,enjoyable yet an eye-opener..from this group of people, i get to know the international students..this time around, most of them comes from Botswana,which is amazing..!plus all the students from sabah,sarawak and other states too.. (= so..yeah..see you guys soon..

have a great weekend..!

cheers..! (=
*malaysia flag*

*group pic*

p/s: special thanx to esther and kae min for helping me out during the orientation week..thanx guys..! (=

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
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Petronas Advertisement for Merdeka 2008

as always..Petronas comes out with their own advertisement in celebrating our very own Malaysia's Independence Day this upcoming sunday (31 August)..this time around,it was directed by Afdlin (=

i do always have high expectations..whether its from me or people around me, eg: friends, classmates, group mates and know..sometimes this people just have their own "tidak-apa" attitude..they dont bother at all what you are doing even though you are sitting on the same boat..(NATO = no action,talk only) i always believe that when you are working in a bunch of people,you do expect total 100% commitment from this people by producing high quality result and work..sometimes i doubt them..are they just here and there to make up the numbers or else?are they willing do give their best in doing their work?seriously..i really really really doubt always want to work with a group of people who are willing to work hard and give their best shot at every single thing they do..dont you?there's no "cleaning up others work" and you can always depend on them..because you feel secure with the work they produced..

i never get this chance to do so..ever since high school till i step into university..i knew from the moment i got this job,its not gonna be easy..its gonna be tough and hard journey..even my friend told me so..i do envy sometimes at those people who are lucky to have their own "X-factor" group members..they might not be albert einstein,but they willing to work i wish i could hijack them into my team..muahahaha..well..i gotta use all the resources that are made available to me now..i rather be independent rather than depend on them..i rather do it on my own than depends on them..its so hard for me to expect a single thing from takes years for them to do or start something..

sometimes i ask myself..should i change my approach towards this kind of people?should i change from a "soft" approach to a "hard" approach?yes,i should..more stricter i'll be..

happy hooolidayyyyysssss folks..! (ending soon..sigh)

cheers! (=

Friday, August 22, 2008
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exams are over....!hooray..!the last paper was tough..very tough..i just hope i could pass the exam..*praying hard* (=

it was a looooonnnnnggg day all begins to few weeks back when i receive a call from a person who says that she got my cv from the co-op department in my university..she added that her company would like to arrange an interview as part of my internship programme in the november and december she says she will sent email jus to confirm my interview yesterday..i assumed that the interview would be held in my university,so i wouldn't bother much about the place of the wrong i was...!i received her e-mail wednesday night (interview was on thursday) after some complications about the sending of those email..and the interview was somewhere near klcc..phew..wonder what would happen if i did not check my mail that night.. *rolling eyes*

the interview was alright..will be start working in two months time after my short semester in september and october..what company i'm working in?erm..its a company specialised in a wide range of spectrum of Batik products from batik printing,organic Batik, name a few..from more information about the company that i will undergo my internship here

after the interview yesterday..i went to my friends house to had a steamboat dinner until late was fun..!haha..some of them will be heading to Redang from today till this sunday..*i wish i could join them too* sigh..neway..will make full use of this nine or ten days of holiday before the war starts again..lols

oh yeah..i found this picture in the toilet of the place that i went for the interview.. :p

as always..cheers..!

Monday, August 11, 2008
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First silverware of the season

its good to see him back (Gary has been out since March 07' through injury) and lifts the Community Shield..yup..we won yesterday's Community Shield match against portsmouth (3-1 through penalty kick after 90 minutes of goaless draw) perhaps portsmouth should start practising their penalty kicks more often..they just manage to score one and miss two?poor portsmouth..*shakes head*

anyway..from yesterday match,it was apparent that united do really lack of firepower and pace upfront in attack..(ronaldo and rooney din play though)..both of them out through injury and viral infection respectively..suprisingly,united havent make a single signing this summer.. =O a new striker comes in would help to ease the problem.. (=

finals this week and next paper down,three more to go..
next stop..this friday-physio..aiseh..

cheers...! (=

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
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the wait is almost over..!yeah..!

after a break from three months long (very long k)..

the premier league is finally back..!

bigger,better and stronger..!

starts with this weekend..

when the Devils (MU)-the defending Premier League Champion up against Pompey (Portsmouth)-the defending FA Cup Champion..

FA Community Shield-curtain raiser for the premier league season..

argh..cant wait..cant wait..

Friday, August 1, 2008
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no one likes presentation,isnt it?"as part of your will be having your group presentation"..and everyone will like "wah".."haihs".."why got presentation wan?"..sound familiar to you?u can see all this kind of mixed reaction especially during the beginning of new semester when the lecturer explaining the outline of the subject itself..

i had my presentation yesterday(finally!)..haha..the presentation is something like you are being the have to promote your company product since you are the representative from the,you have to explain the principle behind the product itself like how it functions etc all the features that the product has..advantages,disadvantages..bla bla bla..the presentation went alright apart from the questions from the lecturer which left me scratching my head hard(a few times)..and i just not able to answer her question..and,i still owe her an answer which i need to let her know today in class..(duh..!)

but after the make me realise sounds crazy to some of you..but i do really enjoy the presentation yesterday even though less marks will given to me in the part of understanding the principle behind the product..the process from where we begin our preparation for the presentation till we starts to was fun,enjoyable process.. (= so..sometimes the result is might not be that important after all,its the process that we gone through as a group of presenters..haha..

anyway,i actually spent my time at uni yesterday for approximately +- 12 hours..!!!crazy..!i reached uni yesterday around 8 in the morning and i left around 10am to meet my groupmates to discuss about the presentation..and the presentation only starts at 3.30pm!yeap..y so early? do take some time as you need time to discuss and practice and other stuff without realising that is already 3pm..!and worse..we are the last group to present and we concluded everything at 7.45pm..! see it right..its 7.45pm..!no joke..! =O

it has been a long long tiring yet enjoying every moment from the time we start preparing yesterday till our turn to present..haha.. (=

as always..cheers!