Life is a rollercoaster ride: April 2008
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
「 dancing away 2:27 PM 」


we are heading to Moscow for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL on the 21st may 2008..yo!!absolutely ecstatic about the triumph,overjoyed,screaming-out-loud..really fantastic and awesome performance by them..thumbs up! and i still celebrating the victory!lol..

start counting down the days....

in three weeks time....

The Luzhniki stadium in Moscow-here we come!and..

we will win this trophy!


Saturday, April 26, 2008
「 dancing away 12:08 AM 」

how to start..alright..went to watch the forbidden kingdom today at leisure mall..plan to watch 12.50 punya show,but its too,watch 3pm show..went to the counter there to buy tickets and as usual,told the girl that i want to watch this movie at this time..blah blah blah..then,the girl told me "you can choose any blue seats you want"..i was like,ANY blue seats?ANY seats? wish you are (and myself) that this scenario could always happen..sigh..yeah,dream..*slap myself*

the movie turned out to be okie..typical martial art movie between two kung fu master:jackie chan and jet li..good versus evil..fight here and'm thinking of monkey king..but why dont have 'chu pak kai'?dont have 'tong sam zong'?hmm...:p oh yeah..remember the pretty girl in the movie called shadow?theres one particular aunty(i guess so) behind me..i remembered she whispered "this girl very pretty ho"(in cantonese) when she saw that girl in :p

planning to go back home after movie..but then..kae min and myself drop by at the show house near my house two is semi-detached and one is double storey..that place is still new and lots of new houses still being developed there..i went there once,but worth it to have a look at it again and since we have time to burn show house was awesome man..interior design inside was superb..brilliant..people say mou tak teng r..icibang(i donno how to spell,hehe!) will wahs,wows when you walk around..thumbs up!like overrated d..hehe..but you will love it when you see it.. ;)

then,went to the sales office(as if we want to buy,lol)..want to know how much it cost?200K? cant get this price here in kl,but you can get in ipoh..haha..500K?i thought so..cus last time i came,the sales girl there told my dad so..i was so wrong..the house worth whopping RM 1.17 million..yeah,1.17 million.. =O got two type right,the selling price for the other type was RM 900k onwards..crazy..expensive..cant remember which type is which bad.. =)

nites everyone!

cant wait for the match between chelsea and man united..argh..go MU!

Thursday, April 24, 2008
「 dancing away 1:52 PM 」

heart pain

first thing first..heart pain is different from heart attack ya..the difference is,one is pain and one is attack.. :p and,the heart is experiencing pain while something trigger attack on your heart,so comes heart attack..erm,something like that through my own explaination..haha..if you want detail explaination,do let me know..ill sure give you all the details you need..nyek nyek nyek.. *wink,wink*

so yeah..heart pain..felt it sometimes ago,actually not sometimes..its couple of times! =O more than three times!lol..few occasion already of them is this morning(around 4am)..was watching man u up against barcelona(drew 0-0,not a bad result,hehe)..all of a sudden through 60th minute of the game..heart pains..for real..i donno what triggers this to just normal pain,not the pain until you fell off the couch,looking for the medicine that could save your life,screaming out loud for!not that serious k? :p just pain..then,my heart starts to pump so fast..dono how many km/,what i'm thinking of that time was..hmm..this could be a signal something bad will happen..yeah,for real..van der sar(man u goalkeeper) manage to save henry's shot to preserve a clean sheet..phew!!really a kan cheong moment leh..haha..

then,the second occasion..i was revising metabolic biochem for finals at night(still remember meta?haha!)..was going through the chapter of amino acid metabolism..hey,i can still recall..not bad,not bad..*clap,clap* lol..(ss pulak) alright,back to here..was reading happily..then,as you heart pains!again!gosh..i donno..when it comes,i couldnt concentrate..i will do other things(from reading newspaper to listen to linkin park) that would stop me from bad rite?ish..really not able to continue studies..sigh..maybe,just maybe..another signal that something bad will happen..or maybe the brain sent the message that you must stop,you had enough of studying for the day..go to sleep!lol..

so..i'm waiting for the next to i crazy? :p well..its up to you to decide whether its true or not..has anyone experience it before?do let me know if you have..then,we can share our 'unforgettable'

thats about it,for now..

signing off

good day people!

p/s: has anyone listened to rihanna latest single-take a bow?(i'm a radio buff,haha!)the song was okay but what caught my ear(do we have this term? :p) was the lyrics..check it out..i wonder whether it was written by ryan tedder..hmm......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
「 dancing away 2:26 PM 」

World Earth Day

21st April 2008-world earth day(some say 22nd)
the issues about protecting our Mother Nature has been getting hotter than ever..since when?i cant really recall that time..climate is changing for the worst for the past few years..a BIG 'thank you' to all of us(oops)..
you can do some part of it before it is too late..basically,anywhere,anytime..or anyhow.. :p
you can:

1. Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month
2. Unplug seldom used appliances (electricity is used even though if it’s set on stand-by)-do you know that?
3. Shut off all electrical item a when leaving a room or area
4. Purchase appliances with the Energy Star Label-do you have it?
5. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money & energy-more nicer too.. :p
6. Plant trees to shade your homes-feng shui shu(tree),the best!!haha!
7. Use cold water instead of warm or hot whenever possible-to get the cooling effect..wee...
8. Put leaves & grass in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them in the garbage-very smelly one you know if you burn it..
Reuse items like envelopes, folders & paper clips-and recycle!
10. Send
an e-mail instead of snail mail-so easy!!its just a click away..gosh!
11. Use
recycled paper & use discarded paper for scrap paper-save money mah.......
12. Use
ceramic mugs instead of Styrofoam
13. Walk, ride your bike or carpool to get to your destination-to burn your
14. Check & fix any
water leaks-go and check now!
15. Wash & dry only
full loads of laundry-not only one georgio armani shirt ok?
16. Shop with a
canvas bag instead of a plastic or paper bag-this practice is already exist in town for a long time ago yet people still use a lot of plastic bag..ish!
17. Use
cloth napkins instead of paper ones
Copy & print on both sides of paper
-you dono where to change?need my help?free of charge.. =)

go and do now!not later first!!

'a small thing you do can make a huge difference'

cheers!! :)

massive week!

two BIG games this week..first,man united vs barcelona -1st leg champions league semifinal..
second,man united vs chelsea-premier league title decider..

gonna watch both games even though have to stay up late in the morning(3am)..

i'm lovin it!!lol..

come on,red devil!! :p

Monday, April 21, 2008
「 dancing away 1:31 PM 」

sis's wedding

the title says it all..yup,my eldest sister recently get married last usual,we had THE wedding dinner as it was separated to sister's wedding dinner was held at Concorde Hotel in KL(a brown color building near Hard Rock Cafe and Bukit Nanas Monorail Station :p) and the other side held theirs at Restaurant Yau Kee in Rawang.. =)

so yeah,here are the pictures taken on both wedding dinner..enjoy!

beryl's heart shape chocolates!!

the crowd at Concorde Ballroom before it starts

THE 8-storey cake

backdrop :p

second sis,newly married couple n myself

dad giving his speech

yam seng

whole family-sis,dad,mom,eldest sis,brother-in-law,myself

dinner in Rawang

backdrop :p


numero-uno!! :p

dad and his 3 children..and..
mom and her 3 childrens too..:p
drink la,drink la

yam cha(no milo ais kao kurang manis here) :p
brother-in-law drinking sour
wasabi+compound X+cream cracker..eww..
guessing my sis's lipstick..tough one!
random pics
random pics
to finish it all,the ang pao tat i got!!muah haha.. ;)
as always,

Thursday, April 17, 2008
「 dancing away 12:38 PM 」

tagged!! (for the first time,lol..)

got tagged by yee wun and jaclyn..wee..

Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.NO CHEATING! DON'T LOOK AHEAD UNLESS YOU FILLED UP THE TOP!

1.kae min
2.yee wun anne

1. How do you meet 1?
- 1st year 2nd sem in sedaya(i guess so)

2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rate your friendship with 1?
- 8! totally happy-go-lucky guy..always laugh

3. How long have you known 4?
- one year..

4. How do you know number 3?
- haha..i think through SASSA(school of applied student association)..thanx,SASSA!hehe..that time was handling the SASSA t-shirt,she bought,yeah..she is teo li anne!!lol..

5. Where's 5 ?
- in her house or uni in bukit jalil..(not imu)

6. A fact about number 1?
- laugh out loud guy!! :P

7. Who is 4 going out with?
- :)

8. What does 1 do for a living?
- eat,sleep,study and dota!!lol..

9. Would you live with number 3?
- haha..noo..

10. What do you like about number 2?
- shes great!lol..

11. Do you miss number 5?
- yea,when was the last we meet up,or yam cha?will meet up soon ya.. :)

12. Would you make out with number 4?
- wow..noo..

13. What’s your opinion of number 2?
- shes awesome!!haha..

14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?
- mess out her house!!lol..

15. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?
- can i request some panadol extra dose and strong??lol..

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5 ?
- not really..i think once..mainly chat thru msn..

17. Have you ever slept over at 2's house?
- haha..nooo..

18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?
- well,not really..hehe..

19. Who have you known the longest
- cherie.. ;)

20. How often do you talk to 1?
- often..will be very often soon since in the same class for the next 2+

21. What about 2?
-yup!! chat thru msn and short messaging system (sms).. :p

22. Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?
- ermm..noo...hehe..

23. Would you go out for a date with 5?
- will go yam cha and laugh out loud at the mamak stall..ahaha..

24. Do you dream about 2?
- hehe..*scratch,scratch* :p

25. What did number 4 do to you that you can never forget?
- she is a red-devil!man u fan lah!! haha.. ;)

26. What have you done for 1 that the person never forgets?
- must ask him.. =)

27. What's 3's hobby?
- whatever she likes to do..-american idol,online,etc..hehe..

28. Tag 5 people:
- sherrie..
- no people to tag....yet!! :p

aloha holidays,adios exams!!

just concluded my exam yesterday..*happy* the day before exam,i really have no idea at all how is the paper gonna look it gonna be mcq+structural question+essay question or else?i really dont know..clueless..thats the result that you have to pay when you dont attend classes..sigh..but that day i have to rush my lab report and it have to submitted up on the day itself..alrite,alrite..what is done is done right..ok,my yeah..really dont have a clue that night before exam what i have to study..gosh..then,receive sms from my classmate..its about the exam tips!!i was like..oh yeah!!!great stuff!! :p

what else..faster faster go and read lah!!tunggu apa lagi kan?lol..well..not planning to read that part of notes because i'm spotting that part would not be coming,too complicated..argh,how wrong i am? after reading,since i still have time before i go to bed..out of nothing,purposely online to find the materials for exam..stupid rite? yeah,alas..nothing come out in the exam itself!! *scream* ish...well,credit and thanx to my classmate who send me the sms,if not..i will be sitting in the exam hall..crying,blaming myself for not reading that part,thinking of something to fill up that

after exam,went to mid-valley to watch AH LONG PTE LTD..i tell you guys who are reading this post..go and watch that movie,now!!whether its in the cinema,or dvd,or online,or whatever..go and check it out..really ROFL-ed all the time in the cinema until my eyes shed tears and,even the whole cinema is full of laughter.. :p really a hilarious movie,suitable for those who are stressfull and for those who just finished their exams..(like me,lol) most of the movie was filmed in malaysia like jalan imbi,central market,petaling street..and they created a new university in town called PETALING STREET UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL! LOL..

how time flies..was going to start second year of studies next sem..sometimes when i think back, on earth i was going to my second year in sedaya..! dont ever believe it everyday,tons of lab reports,assignments,never ending exams..maybe this thingymajinggy that keeps us out from thinking how time flies..hehe..and,have to go through this next semester...again! :p well,dont get me wrong..i'm not tired of studying,just reflecting

thats bout it..will enjoy my holiday..muah haha..

aiks..quite a long post hor?now only i realise.. :p


Monday, April 14, 2008
「 dancing away 2:23 AM 」


i told you!i told you! man u gonna win the match against arsenal..haha..but credit to arsenal,they do come at us and try to win the game(consoling arsenal fans :p)..they scored a goal that never was,using his(adebayor) left hand to score the goal as replay showed..bluek..then we immediately come back through ronaldo's twice-taken penalty and we won the game through hargreaves pin-point-inch-to-perfection free kick..nice! ;) title ambition is gone!gone!wait for another season and now we are one step closer to title! cant wait for the clash with chelsea on the 26th april-mark this date on your diary..come on man-yoo!!

anyone of you watch latest season of CSI-season 8(one of my fav show)? after last show,manage to catch the pre-show for the upcoming episode..and did you know that sara sidle(one of the main characters) will be leaving CSI? and leaving behind her lover(gil grissom)? i'm not sure about this but will know the real truth this wednesday at 10pm on AXN(doing a bit of promo for AXN) go and book your seat! :p

yesterday went to PC Fair with chi nian..really really really a lot of people and i have to squeeze through tons of people!(as expected) but stil manage to went through the whole thing one Kingston thumb drive 2G for only 27 bucks!cheap?i guess so cus other sell 28..haha..then i saw many cheap and nice notebooks(one of the gadget in my most wanted list) which i really wants! sigh..but the one that really caught my eye was HP Compaq Presario has all the function you want-you name it,they have it..and i think it cost less than RM 2500..haihs,wish you were :p
manage to catch the bus back on time cus the sky is dark and preparing for heavy downpour..phew..lucky!!

so..yeah..thats about it..will upload the photos of my eldest sister wedding soon..hehe.. ;)

cheers!! and back to IMS notes..

Saturday, April 12, 2008
「 dancing away 12:08 AM 」


i'm thinking on how to fix my pendrive..sigh..
i'm waiting patiently for the day to arrive.. ;)
i'm looking forward to MAN U vs arsenal match.. :p
i'm too lazy to study ims..haihs..
i'm listening to radio.. ;)
i'm basically doing nothing.. (rolled eyes)
i'm preparing to sleep..(yawn)

-signing off-

Friday, April 11, 2008
「 dancing away 3:35 PM 」

75% done

having finals this week and next week..wish could finish everything by this week(argh)..

well..if u ask me how was the three papers so far(meta,microb and physio)?? hmm..its was 'ok' though..but..microb paper is the killer!!! i dono what its trying to ask..the structural part?all is application question..!!ish..well,i did what i should..even writing craps and scribble sumthing..hope could gain some marks there.. :p

now left one last and the only IMS paper..and not even bother to start studying!! *clap,clap*

cant wait for the holidays!!!


p/s: MU up against arsenal this weekend..MU gonna win!!remember what happen last time when they visit "theatre of nightmares"(especially for arsenal)"?i warned you.. :p

Thursday, April 10, 2008
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