Life is a rollercoaster ride: June 2009
Monday, June 29, 2009
「 dancing away 8:30 AM 」

Tired was THE word. The word of exhaustion hasn’t come up to the equation. Tired of reading those concentrated words. Tired of going university life which is hectic.

I wish now I’m out of university (for a while at least!). Forward my time to sandy beaches. Lying on the white sand. Reading a book while listening to seawaves. Relaxing while looking at the sunset. Playing a game of beach football. Recalling and remembering my time in Sabah. I wished I could be there again. Yes, again. A place far away from KL.

June was A busy month. One hell of a week. A week of quiz, lab report, submission and rehearsal proposal presentation. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Manage to squeeze in Transformers 2. It was AWESOME. Going to watch second (perhaps third time?) again.

Skytrex was FANTASTIC..!!! Finally, I have tried it!! I can’t believe myself doing flying fox and various challenges in the air (no la, jus above 50 meters above the ground. Flying fox was 100 meters above the ground ok!). A token of appreciation to May Szin
for helping us out. A BIG thank you. Sorry for all the trouble that I brought to you.

I'm here with the omner of Skytrex, Julien

Looking forward to complete my FINAL assignment. Giving my best shot to overcome yet another obstacle. Commitment is the name of the ‘game’.

A decision is a decision. Tough decision has to be made. It needs to be executed and done. I made some tough ones. I can’t please everyone, that was meant to be.

And so, Cristiano has gone. Tevez following soon. What next for United? Sign new players, and sign Tevez. Gosh!