Life is a rollercoaster ride: May 2009
Thursday, May 21, 2009
「 dancing away 4:16 PM 」

Mickey Mouse, 18th, dilemma, Capuchin(s), and dark horse

What will you do if your class finished early, possibly around 10 in the morning? Movie? Drink cum yam cha session? Chatting and lol all the way? Well, that might sums up your programme of the day.

We went for Angels and Demons at Times Square last Thursday while pampering ourselves with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (yeah, second time I went there). There’s nothing special about these doughnuts, just a big fuss over it, yet it was sweet, indeed! Never been following Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons novel, I head myself to the cinema hall with a clueless mind about the history about this movie, ands it turns out to be a great movie! Clue after clue being solved, suspense arised after one another. Remember the scene when Hanks have a look at his Mickey Mouse watch?
How can I not mention here about MY team, United clinching the 18th title and retaining their Premier League title. Did I mention it’s three in a row? Liverpool, where are you? You sore loser, Rafa-moaning Benitez, for not congratulating Ferguson. I told you all that Liverpool will not win the title. You WILL always walk alone.

Entering third year of my studies, an indication of doing my final year project. It was started off by choosing the respective titles that I would interested in, three titles out of 29 titles. Some of the titles really caught my eye, and interest me. I contacted my seniors and asked for their opinions. I went to met my friend(s) to look for the respective lecturers (or should I say upcoming supervisor) for the respective titles. It’s a dilemma since you have to think about working with your supervisor for four months (long period ok?!), your future field that you would like to venture in etc. I wasn’t really sure about the third choice that I chose (I made the call during lecture!). Well, I’m just praying that I would get the title that I wished for and a good supervisor. *winks*
Last Thursday was Angels and Demons, this week was Night at the Museum 2 at Leisure Mall. Talking about catching the latest movie. My friend and I were looking forward to this movie ever since I watched the first movie. It was funny and hilarious. Capuchin(s) was back again, but this time he does not steal stuff from Stiller again, but he slapped him! Profusely!
I have been closely following American Idol this season from the bikini girl to Kris Allen as the new American Idol. Isn’t he the dark horse and underdog in this competition and always the shadow of Adam Lambert? I did not manage to watch the results show (my friend told me when I was in Old Town today). Perhaps Lambert was too confident with himself with his screaming-out-loud voice.
Signing off, cheers!

P/s: Next week, Badminton and Terminator Salvation. Damn! *winks*

Monday, May 11, 2009
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Of Annoying Neighbours and "The Little Lion"

Last Thursday, my mum received a shock in the form of a petition letter complaining my mum burning leaves in the back yard. Here’s the content of the letter with some signatures on it.

Dear sir/madam,

We noticed that your family member have been burning garbage and leaves at the back of your house several times causing air pollution in the our neighbourhood. We would appreciate that you could stop burning in open area otherwise we will report this incident to the relevant authority for further action.

Thank you for your co-operation

Ok. Here’s my view on this matter. Ok, we are wrong in the sense that we burn leaves, not garbage. There are other ways you could inform us regarding this like you could speak and discuss straight with us. Talk to us first. There’s no point to collect all the signatures to show you all are “bersatu padu, berteguh jiwa”.in which you are not! Oh, come on. How often my mum burn those leaves? It’s just once two months or probably three months. And you all stupid neighbours did some other things that we did not even complain. How you left and release your rabbits and dirty my house’s garden? How you all left your children screaming out loud while I was taking afternoon nap? How you sing some stupid songs in a large group in your house which totally freaked us out as if you were dirasuk hantu?! How you inconsiderate neighbours affect my mom mood in the wake of Mother’s Day celebration with this useless petition? And did I mention my mum took it by surprise and she doesn’t even expect it at all? You all have bitterly disappoint my mum, as my mum have experience good neighbours throughout her life, and now, you have this.

Don’t even think that I’ll say hi to all you all again for stabbing back behind us. Shame on you. And terrible neighbours, I have.

P/s: I like Carlos Tevez. I love Carlos Tevez. His work rate has been magnificient, awesome and fantastic. Needless to say about his performance. How he has scored crucial goals that might have decided the destination of the championship. Even he’s better than Berbatov. Ok, both of them are different types of players but Tevez is willing to chase after loose ball and pressure the opponents. I totally agree with Sir Alex Ferguson when he labelled Tevez as the ‘The Little Lion’. With recent British tabloids and reports linking him to leave United, I personally beg him not to leave. We love you. The fans love you. David Gill, are you listening? Sign him or you will face the wrath of us. I know what hell of money he will cost United. Oh, come on. 20 million pound, don’t tell me that United can’t afford to pay. And Tevez’s agent, Kia Joorabchian, don’t be greedy.

Please stay, Carlos Tevez. We love you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009
「 dancing away 11:16 PM 」

Of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

For the last few weeks, there has been enough hoo-haa about the anticipation of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts debuting here in Malaysia. The talk of the town surrounded in which the first customer who bought the doughnuts will receive a free year supply of the doughnuts and other incentives.

Anyway, I finally have the chance to taste it today in Berjaya Times Square KL and the first outlet to be open. As you know or may not know, the outlet actually replaces the Cafe under Green Roof which is the Dome Cafe. You can actually see it in the big main entrance in Times Square (it's impossible for anyone to miss the outlet :p). Did I mention that they have two floors? The ground floor is mainly for sales while the upper floor is for the patrons to enjoy their doughnuts and coffee.

My friend told me that it is not sweet as compared to J.Co and Big Apple (it seems like both of them have competitors). It taste ok, not that particular 'good', I should say. And of course, you have to taste while it is fresh. Plus, from first glance, there has not much choice as compared to J.Co and Big Apple.

The crowd at ground floor

Second Floor

Doughnut Processing Room

Their Signature Doughnut "Original Glazed" which was given to us FREE!

Doughnut varieties

One Dozen for RM 24.90

Strawberry Filled Doughnut

And finally, their signature signage!

Friday, May 1, 2009
「 dancing away 12:08 AM 」


Jeff has just graduated from University of Melbourne back few months ago. And now, he has return back to his homeland, Malaysia to look for a job. He applied and went for interview in this international company after he enjoyed a short one week holiday in the city. It turned out to be a successful interview, and he finally landed his first job as a researcher. Jeff was really looking forward to this job as he knew that he will enjoyed his work very much.

On day one, he was introduced to the other colleagues in the company by Sally. There is around 20+ employee in the company after a first glance from Jeff. Jeff was placed beside another colleague, Daphene, and turn out to be ‘new’ employee of the company. Jeff get to know Daphene and it turns out she was just recently graduated from a local university here in Malaysia. For the first few months, they weren’t that close until they merge together as a group of researchers including Stacy, Orange and Gwen to conduct a project which is under Tim. From then on, this group of friends and colleagues began to know each other very well.

Due to the successful of their presentation and teamwork, they were awarded with a trip to Hawaii for a holiday. They realised that their hard work, sleepless nights and persistence in completing their project is finally paid off. The trip was 4 day and 3 night stay in Hawaii. Jeff crush on Daphene turns out to be love as the time and months passed on. He plans to ask her if she could be his girlfriend in Hawaii as he believed that it was his perfect chance and platform to do so in the ever so beautiful Hawaii.

Time passed on until it reached the final day. And finally, Jeff asked Daphene when Stacy, Gwen and Orange are not around. And he uttered “Do I have a chance with your current boyfriend?” Daphene replied “No, not at the moment…….But in the future, I don’t know”. Somehow, Jeff thinks whether he should be happy or sad. And he loves Daphene and he hopes that she would give him a chance to do so even if a 1% chance, he would take it.

It’s back to work again after a wonderful yet memorable holiday in Hawaii for Jeff. And he plans to ask Daphene again by treating her nice romantic dinner and movie. And finally, Daphene asked Jeff again.

“Why are you so brave that day? I did not expect it from you, you know”, questioned Daphene. Jeff replied “I don’t want to regret again as I have experienced this before. I don’t to miss out on my love. I have found the perfect dream girl in my life and it’s you. It’s you, Daphene”. Daphene starts to sipped on her blueberry vanilla shake.

“You know I have a boyfriend right?” asked Daphene. Jeff nodded. Daphene added “I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend, he is very good to me. So……..I think we better remains as colleague as last time”. Jeff heart was crushed into pieces and suddenly he felt restless. He couldn’t accept it. He has a found true love in Daphene. And he asked again, “Daphene, do I really don’t have a chance? I can wait for you Daphene. Please give a chance” Daphene shook her head.

Jeff went back home with sadness and disappointment and Jeff going to carry this regret with his life. He truthfully loves Daphene. And Jeff could not believe himself he can blessed Daphene current love life. It was hard. It was tough to do so. He could barely see his love to be with others. He loves her so much. On that the night of the dinner, Daphene told Jeff, “I wished we could be colleagues again just like last time”. Jeff silent. He could barely speak.

And from then on, Jeff will always remember Daphene. He will wait for Daphene. He hoped that Daphene would give her chance. He hoped that he and Daphene would be together. And for Jeff, it was a bitter pill to swallow. It was hard for him to accept it. He still loves Daphene. His love towards Daphene was so strong and it will remain forever………..