Life is a rollercoaster ride: October 2008
Friday, October 31, 2008
「 dancing away 10:11 AM 」

going back Ipoh, i am.. (=

it has been two years since i went back to my hometown,Ipoh..will spend my time well this weekend in Ipoh and will of course,enjoy myself with food..lols

which means no football..
which means no MU vs Hull City..
which means no F1..

but its all worth it..haha

cheers..! (:

Thursday, October 30, 2008
「 dancing away 8:45 AM 」

had a Genting trip last friday-the day after final exam..went up there by bus instead of driving up..the bus fare (single trip) was cheap and it cost only RM 6.60 *gasp* i was suprised by that cus i was expecting of more than 10 bucks per wrong i was and perhaps, more genting trip in the future.. :p

in the bus
first,we stopped at the Rock Climbing station,near the food court in First World..and i had my first ever rock climbing..lols..managed to reach two-third of it which is a kinda "achievement" for me as a couldnt continue to reach top as my both hands were out of a result,when i step both hands numb,it takes few minutes to recover..haha..but it was really fun and rocks
the girls doing the climbing aka Spiderwoman
i came, i saw, i conquered (partially)..almost reach the Genting logo there..(:

then we head to Motion Master Theater..i would not recommend this thing to anyone out was completely waste of time and money cost 8 ringgit yo..!i think u have heard before this kind of thing where they gave u this so-called 3D (or 2D,no idea) black glasses to wear on and experience the movie differently like sprayin water on ur FACE and moving the seating chair here and there..ok, some people,its cool in some places but not here..the movie they show?Ali Baba weh..!!! A-L-I B-A-B-A
i couldnt get it when people behind me screaming their lungs out loud as there is NOTHING scary bout Ali Baba..oh come on..out of boredom,i compared the movie with and without the black difference though..ish..!
put 4D some more..perhaps they sells Magnum in
give back my money!!!!

went for bowling

first game scores (:

second game scores.. (:

went for Old Town Pak Ka Feh

the food and drinks there way expensive as compared to KL..RM3 more?
walking around and took some random pics.. :p

toilet bowl aka Wild Channel style

most suitable game for me..Kick It!! ;)

Astro was there

scene 1:cold+windy+drizzles=Genting

scene 2 at bus station

view from the bus while going back KL *big eyes*

group pic
i'm done..cheers..! (=

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
「 dancing away 11:50 AM 」


i was pleasantly suprised by fireworks display in taman connaught here last was in conjunction with UCSI being granted as UCSI University..this piece of news even came out in The Star and 4-advertorial page in NST..(damn banyak duit) the fireworks display last about 10 minutes,i guess..was lucky enough to watch it live..lols

until then..

Monday, October 20, 2008
「 dancing away 5:01 PM 」

just a thing to ponder about..

had my first final exam paper today (one more left).. i saw some of my classmates (maybe i should say course-mates) who came for the finals..why i said so?

because i haven't seen them before in any of the normal classes or tutorials yet they are there to sit for finals, quizes and mid-terms..and i wonder did they completed their assignments and do they help out?

they love M.I.A indeed..


Thursday, October 16, 2008
「 dancing away 10:12 AM 」

plan to go to connaught pasar malam yesterday evening since i could not make it last week..sorry,thought of redeeming back myself rains like cats and,stuck in university whole evening from 5 till 7++pm and cant go thanx to the heavy rain+thunder+lighting..!,what u do in university and u cant go home?


will be having finals next is on monday and another paper on thursday..phew,luckily got two days gap in between.. (= can have more time to study both subjects..

suprisingly..there were more students in the library yesterday..normally,most of the people will already in their home sweet home dreaming+sleeping at this time around..perhaps they stay in the library to study and waits patiently for the rain to stop,just like me.. :p oh yeah,for your info,the library is open till 8pm..

scene 1

scene 2

look at the sky out there..dark..!!

meanwhile,on the way to lrt station this morning..i saw this..!

feels like in Genting..haha..perhaps due to yesterday evening and midnight was great..the whole housing area was covered with mist..damn syiok wei..cus my house is kinda on or under a so-called hill..*shrug* so,sometimes you will get this thing..(=

scenery 1

view in front of my house..have a look at the end of the road there..its not visible.

another view from my house..and again,have a close look behind the trees..they have readily built banglos there, and its not visible plus the banglos are built behind the forest..perhaps and maybe all the mist and wind are originated from the forest.. (=

as always..
cheers.! (=