Life is a rollercoaster ride: February 2009
Monday, February 2, 2009
怌 dancing away 10:22 AM 怍

It totally freaked me out when I start to think what is awaiting me upon when Iā€™m back from the long Chinese New Year holidays. THREE freaking tests (or quizzes) plus one assignment which is due NEXT Friday! Whether it is quiz or test, it does still FREAKED me out! Two papers on the same day, and the other one is on this Friday. One paper carries 5% and the other two carries 15%. Oh my word. Quizzes carry 15%? Oh, come on. One of those papers that carries 15% is the subject that least favourable by me. Did I just mention the subject is Bioprocess Engineering? Duh! In total, I have just started 10% (or, 5% maybe) on my studies for the three quiz paper. And I have two days to study for two subject quizzes, while another two more days for Bioprocess. *shakes head profusely* Assignment has been better, started on 10-15%.

One more thing that drives me busy (and hectic) was the planning for the MSMBB Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Quiz 2009
. This year around, we (I mean UCSI University) are the host, and hence, we are the organising committee. Lots of preparation needed to be done to ensure everything was fine and smooth since quite a number of other universities will be coming along.

Yet another testing week and month.

Wish me luck.

Wish me luck.

Until then,
Cheers. (=