Life is a rollercoaster ride: December 2008
Friday, December 26, 2008
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Amazing Stories Around The World

What's up Doc? Meet Vincent the rabbit born without ears

Have anyone out there seen a rabbit without ears? In North Yorkshire, UK, teenager John Haig thought a guinea pig had found its way into his family of young rabbits. When he looks closer at it, it was indeed a rabbit minus its ears! John named the rabbit as Vincent and he spotted Vincent when the youngsters (rabbits) emerged with their mother Rosie for the first time from their hutch at three weeks old. John's mother said the missing ears could be due to genetic defect and could possibly come down to the theory that his ears may have been bitten off by his mother. Female rabbits are known to attack their offspring if they are distressed (wow!)
In comparison with normal rabbit

John and Vincent

The cat with purr-fect vision! Almost-blind moggie Ernest has his life transformed by wearing CONTACT LENS

Yup, you read it right. Cat wearing contact lens. Indeed. Sounds ridiculous? Read on. 15 year-old black and white cat, Ernest suffers from entropion - an inward rolling of the eyelids, which causes inflammation and hinders sight. He has lived at the RSPCA (same concept as our very own SPCA) rescue centre in Godshill, Isle of Wight, UK for 13 years after he was injured in a car accident. According to the general manager of the rescue centre, Ernest was quite squinty (eyes turned in different direction) and had trouble seeing where he was going. So, they suggested on putting contact lenses on the old pet from a life-threatening operation. After putting on the contact lenses, Ernest's eyes have opened up and this has gave him a new lease of life. Wonder lenses.

Putting on lenses

Thank you!
source: daily mail, UK

Monday, December 22, 2008
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I’m trying something new. My first approach of writing an album review which I have ever been done before in this blog. So, I chose latest album by David Archuleta “David Archuleta”.

I have to admit that the first time I listened to “Crush” by David Archuleta (runner up of recent American Idol) which is his first single from his debut album was not that particularly good or great. And that was my first listen to that song! Then, this song starts to gain airwaves from various radio stations, and starts to going up chart and getting more requests etc. By listening to “Crush” a few times more (and more), I began to find that this song is good. Oh yeah, you can criticize me for changing my earlier remark on that song. It was weird. This happens when you came to music terms. Sometimes you felt that song was not that good when you had a first glimpse of listening to it, and later you began to like that particular song after you have to listened to it for a couple of times. It just so happen like that! No reason. No explanations.

And so, I went to get his debut album “David Archuleta” and it turns out to be a good debut album. There are total 12 songs in the album. One of the songs is “Angels” which is originally sung by Robbie Williams and covered by many other singers including Jessica Simpson and All Angels. His debut album includes slow and love songs such as “You Can” and “To Be With You”. “Touch My Hand” and “A Little Too Not Over You” turns to be my personal favorite songs. Listen to it and hope you’ll get hooked on it.

Others songs from his debut album comprises of “Barriers”, “Desperate”, “Don’t Let Go”, “My Hands”, “Running” and “Your Hands Don’t Lie”.

This the first time that I gave an album review and it’s not a proper one though, I have to admit that. I believe you have to listen to each and every song of it and make your own personal view on it, its better to have that way right? A great future ahead with a good, ballad debut album, and he’s only 17 or 18 years old! I would give 4 out 5 rating though. Ok, getting bored with the album reviewing.
Let’s change to other topic, shall we? Its festive season now and it starts with Christmas (two more days). Christmas decoration was set up way since beginning of December in KLCC Center Court (turned out to be my hang out place before I go to work) and they start playing Christmas songs from 8am onwards, and if you were there, you could feel the celebration mood. Haha.
Christmas Tree

Decorations with gift boxes
Closer view

Quite since a long time I updated Manchester United here. They are currently now in fourth (no crisis!), being overtaken by Aston Villa in third. No worries, they still have two games in hand and by the time they reached UK, the six points is already in bag. Last night, they were crowned the new World Champion (the reason why they have two games in hand), but in this case, it was the Club World Champion which was a football competition contested from the champion clubs from all six continental federations (Google it for more information) which was held at Japan. They beat Liga de Quito from CONMEBOL (South American Football Confideration) 1-0 in yesterday night final, and the scorer, Wayne Rooney.

World Champion

Recipient of Adidas Silver,Golden and Bronze Ball Award-Ronaldo,Rooney and Manso (from Liga de Quito) respectively

As always,

Thursday, December 11, 2008
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Red Ribbon Charity Walk

World Aids Day was celebrated around the world which falls on the 1st of December. My committee members and I went to join Red Ribbon Charity Walk (which was organized by School of Nursing of UCSI University and Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur) at Pusat Rukun Tetangga (Zon B) in Taman Midah, here in Cheras last Saturday. We have to donate 10 bucks per person prior joining this wonderful charity walk and the total donation that was collected on that day was whopping RM 5192. It may sound small amount but it does gives a significant difference to those people in WAKE (a charity organization which is associated with HIV/AIDS people).

First thing first, I have no idea where neither this charity walk going to be held or the Pusat Rukun Tetangga in Taman Midah. I was analyzing the map that was attached inside the entry form, and oh boy, I don’t know where it was! So, I planned to park my car at Tesco Extra, and then walk all the way to the designated place. How wrong I was. I stopped and asked one uncle standing outside of his house and he replied to me “No more lo, now changed to Police Station already”. *Gasp* Then, I stopped my car at Tesco and I met a lady (or maybe a girl) who knew exactly the place (I kept nodding as if I know the place when she describes to me). Then, she offered me to bring me all the way to the Pusat Rukun Tetangga place since she was going towards the same direction. How lucky I was to meet this girl (or lady) and I’m feeling running The Amazing Race at that moment. I managed to thank her for showing me the direction by honking, but then I wished I could thank her personally. Malaysian people are courteous and helpful, okay?

Well, the event was turned to be okay. We actually told them that we could give them a helping hand on the event itself whether we need to carry stuffs, be in the registration part, etc. Unfortunately, they managed to get enough people to run through the Charity Walk. Instead, we became the “VIPs” and joined the walk from the back. It was a 5km kilometer walk starts from the Rukun Tetangga itself and back to the same place. The walk covers area around Tesco, Pasar Malam and some housing area while being escorted by police. *evil laugh*

We indeed have lots of fun on that night especially during the walk itself where we help out in carrying the banner, plus one of our committee members managed to scoop the grand prize of Lucky Draw that was held later that night. She told us that it was a microwave oven.

Pre-walk group picture

With Ms Jagjit (if I'm not mistaken)

Participants holding candle while walking

Conquering Taman Midah

The Symbol of HIV/AIDS

Cups of Milo that we had after the walk (more than this actually)

The Banner

Heart Balloon, anyone?

P/s : 12 more days. 12 more days. 12 more days to end my internship programme. I cant wait!