Life is a rollercoaster ride: July 2009
Thursday, July 30, 2009
「 dancing away 6:08 PM 」

Bitter Dissatisfaction

When people say “Like father like son”, I couldn’t agree more. When I was small, sitting at the back seat passenger, I told my dad “Pa, here is empty. No one is here”. Then, my dad said “Cannot la, here no line. Cannot park”. Then, I saw another slot. And he continue “Cannot, here’s double line, cannot park”.

Even when we are late, dad wouldn’t necessary park at any place. Double parking. No. Park at yellow line even though it’s empty. No. Parking at empty slot but no parking line. No. He always reminded me, what’s the point of illegal parking. In the end, you, yourself going to suffer for it. Clamping is one thing. Another one would be hurting your wallet. What’s the point of giving your hard-earned money to someone, this is not an art of donating money.

It HAD instilled on me. I’ve never illegal parking. I’ve never try it. I can’t see the point of myself ‘donating’ the money to them. I can use the money for a better cause. When the car was clamped, I was shocked. Absolutely. No doubt about it. And because I’ve never think that this could ever happen to me! Seeing us donating the money to them is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. I’m not sad. Yet I was disappointed WHY this could ever happened to me. It just left a mark on me, I still can’t get over to the fact that this had happened. It left me unsatisfied. Unsatisfied is THE word. In other words, it’s called Bitter Dissatisfaction.

In the end, who’s the one to blame? Why?

Friday, July 10, 2009
「 dancing away 12:27 AM 」

It seems that I’ve been played by YOU a long time ago and now, it still. Why? Troubles, YOU gave me. In the end, should I just blame YOU? Is it YOUR fault?