Life is a rollercoaster ride: May 2008
Friday, May 30, 2008
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this trip was held exactly last last friday(16.05) bad for the late post,was busy nowadays as the assignments,quizs,reports etc etc starts to flood in..anyway,this trip is only around 40+ students plus some lecturers and lab tech as well..i guess i'm the last and lucky one to join cus the trip was already FULL way before they put the poster in uni..even some of them who eager to join cant make it..!sori guys..

i'm not certain the exact place but its somewhere near in Cheras-Kajang you pass through the highway,it was after the abandoned Phoenix Plaza as you come from cheras..haha!i was told that the Forensic Lab building was still relatively new..for those who are expecting us to see the REAL dead body or REAL crime scene during the trip itself,sorry..tak ada..what we saw is just some basic instrument used in CSI(not that high-tech,lol) and some REAL pictures from crime scene..we are not allowed to take pics(as always) in the department itself-DNA Fingerprinting,Toxicology,Narcotic,just to name a few..we managed to visit 2 out 5 departments as time permits..sigh..the trip was quite ok,as a brand new experience to our very own Forensic LAB in Malaysia.. ;)

people gathering and taking photos =)


hesty,joshua,and me

the main building

on the way up the hill

TADA!Forensic Lab

Block C and..

Block D

the hall

lecturer(Mr Yim) signing something.. :p

the speaker-Dr Yew

in appreciation to Dr Yew

souvenirs-FOR SALE!not free ok?


Group pic =)

Monday, May 26, 2008
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victory for Lewis

lewis who?if you are a big fan of Formula One,then you will probably know him..yup,i do watch F1 as well,not only football..dont shake your head or dont be won the action-packed Monaco Grand Prix yesterday..yeah! ;) seriously,i'm a sports freak..i do watch else?erm,badminton?not really..hehe!been a fan of F1 a few years back and i do watch every single race if time reckons(for your information,there are 17 races this season)..and its hard to find any F1 fan out there(heloooooo,anyone?)..when i ask them do they watch F1? boring la..what is F1?whats so interesting about it?drive around the same circuit for 50+ odd laps..some of the reason that i gathered from them.. :p whatever it is,i'm a big fan of the silver-colored machine-McClaren Mercedez,not Ferrari..eww..

on the other note,i had MCB quiz today..i'm not well prepared for this quiz,i guess it came way too soon for all of us..and i have another quiz next week!argh.. =O dont even have time to revise all the notes and it is way too many,a lot..!sigh..well,before the paper starts today,around 8.30 in the morning..the lecturer was asking us to enter the exam hall and convince us that the paper would be 'EASY' for us..yeah right! it was tough,and it doesnt look like quiz paper at all,its more to mid-term paper..gosh!the whole paper last for only one hour but its not enough..there are so much to write,at least 1 hour and 30 minutes would be more reasonable..sigh..anyway,finger crossed for the paper! =)

oh ya,i had SUSHI for lunch today..ahaha! =9

cheers folks! =)

Friday, May 23, 2008
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first and foremost..i really doubt it whether the trophy will end up in old trafford..started really well in the first half and eventually got the all-important first goal..then,we hit by a sucker-punch by lampard's goal..then,chelsea had a go at us in the second half and that time,i would think we are gonna lose that trophy..they hit the post twice..they attack,we defend..later,it all comes down to penalty shoutout(they called it lottery) hopes seeing united lifting the trophy were dashed when ronaldo missed his kick,and terry steps up to take the last penalty to win their 1st european cup..gosh!he miss it!!damn,i was so suprise..*gasp* is that fate?destiny?lady luck? *shrug* after his miss,all of the others are history..we won the cup..the picture there?worth a thousands of words..thats our third european cup yo....!GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!

fantastic!bravo!needless to say..brilliant!i woke up at two in the morning to watch this can i afford to miss this match?the match concluded around time left for me to get a quick nap or anything as i need to get prepared to uni,quickly..yup,is that early..anyway,its all worth it,isnt it?even todays The Sun newspaper took five pages to report this fantastic achivement.. :p we did the double,we won the premier league and now,champions league..hooray! =)

now..after all the celebrations and triumph,its back to basics..having MCB quiz this upcoming monday..gosh,damn fast wei..and i havent started revising...yet!kinda a lot to cover as the lecturer really do speed up her lectures(as the other lecturers too),click,click..dont even realise how many slides we have gone through..seems like this weekend would be a study weekend..sigh..and i still have MB tutorial to finish up..and yes,have to pass up this monday as well..aiks!monday

-signing off-

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
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The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian

one of the highly anticipated movie in the summer..went to watch this movie last saturday at BTS..seriously,this movie was awesome and nice to watch..the scenery(at the beginning of the movie) was simply breathtaking(it was filmed at New Zealand,C.Republic-to name a few)..even my friend told me that she wants to go there..! :p i'm really looking forward to this movie ever since the first movie concluded (The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe)..all of the characters(Peter,Susan,Edmund,Lucy) in this second installment have really matured..even Lucy can ride a horse..!unbelieveable this little

and worth of mentioning is the CGI,it was great..from the majestic lion(Aslan),new friends of Caspian-Bulgy Bear,the badger Trufflehunter and to the brave and funny little mouse Reepicheep plus the centaur(half man and half horse)..their visual effects,movement,etc are well expressed and executed..but for those who are first to watch this movie,it is adviceable to watch the first part first coz some of it are connected to the first installment..and there are some suprises in this movie.. ;)

somehow,the movie was affected by the poor sound system in BTS even though its in hall 1(the largest hall,i guess)..bottomline,this movie is fun to watch and worth your every penny(even more worth if using student card =p) for this 2 hour and 20 minutes show..go and watch it..i dont mind watching for the second time.. =)

cant wait for the third movie to come out soon..rumours has it that the production will start this year..and so,have to wait for another 2-3 years for the third installment..hmm..

have a nice day folks!

p/s:champions league final is days away..GAMBATE MAN YOO!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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i was NOT following MB class today..sori dr renee..i was lost somewhere,couldnt concentrate..gosh!my bad..
then,receive a call from unknown caller during the class itself..its stated +603-9101....and i know its from cheras not tai yi loong..phew..

caller: halo..
me: halo..
caller: i'm calling from UCSI something..(i couldnt remember which department)
me: yes?
caller: are you simon toh.....?
me: abothan!yeah...
caller: the reason why i call you is that you have been nominated for the next president of student council..
me: *GASP* HUH? WHAT?!!!!!
caller: are you interested?
me: erm...can you call back later?cus i'm havin class now..sorry..(how can i answer u now?i was shocked man!)
caller: oops..sorry..ok..
me: bye..

the next thing that run through my mind was who is that person go and nominate me..cis!

and the second call comes after my class finished..damn
(looking at the number to reconfirm)

caller 1: halo..
me: halo..
caller 1: do you know me?
me: erm..donoooooo...
caller 1: (its actually my classmate,lol...)
me: eh..hi..
caller 1: do you know that you have been nominated for the next president of student council?
me: yeah.....................
caller 1: are you interested?(same question again)..
me: erm.....
caller 1: actually..(she explains to me the whats,whys,hows..thanx,appreciate it)
me: ok...what if i'm not interested?
caller 1: har?cannot!because you are THE only one now that are being nominated..
me: (*BIG EYES*...ONLY ONE?)why leh?no way...i added..may i know the nominater?
caller 1: erm..sorry..this is private matter..
me: okie.. =S
caller 1: so..u have to do this,do that..
me: (a big sigh)
caller 1: i pass to ....... to explain further..
me: ok..(shakes head) speechless....

caller 2: hi..actually..(he introduce himself and explain again..and lots of them!)
me: ok...
caller 2:......................
me: okie.........
caller 2:......................
me: okie....................
caller 2: so,you have to get 10 people to support you..etc..etc..and you will get a banner to get people to elect you since we(student council) have money to do the banner..(our precious money la)
me: ok...(dono how many oks i replied to him d.. :p)
caller 2: for more information,you can visit student council booth at block A..
me: (as always)..okie...
caller 2: or you can come to my office and see me..thats bout it..hope to hear from you soon..bye..
me: (i dont even know where's your office yo)ok..bye!

gosh!really had a great suprise..did not expect it all wei..thanx to the mysterious nominater..hmph!but seriously..i'm not that interested..not the matter of burden and workload,but i felt myself that i couldn't hold that such BIG position..forget all the glamour,benefits..sometimes you have think about your own abilities to handle it..its question of whether you are able to cope with it or not..

and i haven give them the bad rite..(evil laugh) ;)
up till now,i'm still blur why i'm being nominated..what the next step should i to tell them that i'm not interested..blah blah blah...

i shall wait and see..and awaiting the next phone call..hehe..

and the game begins!lol :p


Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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champion champion champion!!!

we are THE CHAMPIONS! (clap clap clap) OLE!damn,i'm so =D chelsea,u aint nothing man..even your final push doesnt matter to us..we won the first round..we shall wait you for second round in moscow..(devil laugh)..we clearly dominated match,goals scored by ronaldo and giggsy.. :p some pics of the title winning celebrations..we are the CHAMPIONS!

1st penalty-goal scored by cristiano..

giggsy celebrates his goal..

and the wild celebrations begins!

plus all the backroom staff!

glory glory man u!

gaffer-sir alex ferguson.. ;)


title winning squad..

cr7-the wizard..

i'm so happy!



have a nice day people! =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008
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time out

had a day off today since there is no class on friday..for the whole sem,dont be jealous ya.. :p kinda boring at home doing,out of nothing..went to jog at my house nearby jogging track..well,the jogging track is on top of the hill and it so damn long connects from one end of the housing area to the other the way,my house is located at of the ends,so like journey to the north of the jogging track..or watever..hard to explain..

this the first time i went there to jog since i moved here last,i will easily get tired in jogging,prefer football better..hehe..but once in a while is ok..still can tahan and will have the endurance to "jog".. ;) moreover,will be having a friendly football match this sunday morning,so can use this jogging training to improve

some of the random pics taken from it.. =)

football pitch

almost alike futsal pitch

playground 1

playground 2

playground 3

kids playing football at other end of the jogging track
playground 4
i dono they have a small lake here yo!lol
evening jogging track
sunset jogging track
evening scenery
sunset scenery

view from on top of the hill

sunset view

lights out! :p

nites people!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
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uni's computer is so so so slow..

SLOW..really slow..(shakes head)

sangat the slow...


almost took two hours to download notes..


Tuesday, May 6, 2008
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currently blogging in the morning while others are still dreaming happily..woke up early to fetch my sis to work..well,thought of sleeping back again..for two hours perhaps?depends,sometimes i will but not for i have only ONE class for today yo! business stats at 11.30 till 1.30pm..will change in the upcoming weeks as will be having physio lab in the afternoon..gosh!

so yeah,this are the two out four subjects that i'm taking in this brand new stats and physiology 2...the other two would be molecular cell biology and microbial biotechnology..really looking forward to MB class..hehe..perhaps it is more interesting as it deals with recombinant DNA technology,PCR,etc,etc..sounds

in helping to spread out loud,SASSA is organising a forensic lab site-visit(copy paste title) on next friday(16.05.08)..for those who love CSI,well,you may like this one..hmm..might be different from what we watch in CSI since here is not vegas,new york or miami..! is malaysia ok?! :p do check it out,grab this chance to get a closer look at them asap if you are interested,dont let them to wait and chase for you..hehe!limited space available!


Friday, May 2, 2008
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tag tag tag!

Tagged by Li Anne:

The Rules

Link to your tagger and post these rules.List eight (8) random facts about yourself.Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.So, EIGHT (8) random facts about me;

Fact One: start watching football since 12? and..

Fact Two: i fantasize myself playing at old trafford..(dreaming..*slap* awake!)

Fact Three: i love music! =)

Fact Four: i can think too much until i cant sleep.. (big eyes)

Fact Five: i'm not kl born,i'm from ipoh mali..(in case you dont know)

Fact Six: sucks in computer games..seriously..i'm better in console games.. :p

Fact Seven: somehow,someday,if got chance,would love to venture into journalism field.. ;) and..

Fact Eight: i love to drive! =) hence...

Fact Nine: (read this slowly and clearly) the last fact is that this is the random eight facts about myself and i have been tagged..

I tag: anyone.. =)

good day and have a nice weekend ahead!