Life is a rollercoaster ride: November 2008
Saturday, November 29, 2008
「 dancing away 4:31 PM 」

A small conversation that I had that I wish to share with you.

Scene 1 (while waiting for LRT)
CG: Hello Bang, ini tren pegi Maluri?
Me: Bukan, ini tren pegi Sri Petaling. Next Tren is to Maluri Station.
CG: (Walking away with red face and stunned)

Scene 2 (while paying at a supermarket)
CL: Dua Ringgit Lima Puluh Sen (RM 2.50)
Me: (Paid it, quiet and walked off)

Nothing special with that two conversation at two different place right?
Well, at scene 1, CG means Chinese Guy which talks Malay with me and I replied him back with Cantonese which left him with red face and stunned.

Meanwhile, at second scene, as you guess it, CL stands for Chinese Lady and she asks for my cash in Malay. And well, I did not reply her in Cantonese and yet I replied her nothing! Not feeling to embarrass her at that time.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008
「 dancing away 2:13 PM 」

This is one of the places that I seldom visit or perhaps, I’ve never been to! Scold me. Boo me. I never knew what Sentul is famous for. Sentul, anyone? This name does ring a bell to me for the infamous incident of misplaced LRT coach. So, we went to this Sentul Curry House in Sentul, or Jalan Ipoh for dinner. The food was not that bad, I felt it’s just like a typical Indian Rice like those in mamak stall, and the main attention would be the Curry Fish Head. Perhaps they should serve Banana Leaf Rice at that time. Oh well, I realized what Sentul is famous for, Indian Rice and Mamak Restaurant. There were many of them, lot of choices, lots of variety, and you just spoilt for choices.
The Restaurant
Dishes - not that much choices
Variety of curries

Curry Fish Head Dinner
Until then,
P/s: A piece of advice from a footballer or sportsman, whatever you want to call it. Never attempt to have a football match or any active sports with empty stomach, even previous night supper would not help. Get some nutritious drink before you leave home, and if not, you will face the consequences of it. Lesson learnt.

Monday, November 17, 2008
「 dancing away 9:45 AM 」

Don’t you love the weekends after a long week of working? My last weekend was well spent. I had an outing cum birthday celebration (even though I don’t felt like celebrating it since no birthday cake or others) with my university friends. We were juggling between One-Utama and KLCC. In the end, we end up in 1-U. Nothing was planned on that day, so we decided to head Fish n Co for lunch after a long discussion and walking around. So, we had kind of healthy lunch, since we are having fish for lunch! The food was not particularly good, but I do like their Soup of the day which was very nice and their drink, Passion Fruit. And the main meal was Fish n Chips, (they named it The Best Fish n Chip-and you will get hooked on it). I don’t get hooked. The fish was fried and served with some fries, with lemon.

Fish n Co

Main meal - Fish and Chips with Fries

Soup of the day - "Fish Something" (Cant recall the name)

Passion Fruit

I'm not hooked

My friend's meal - Seafood Platter

Then, we went to watch Quantum of Solace - the James Bond movie. Ok, first thing first, I’m not keen on watching this movie since it came out. I was not planning to watch this movie at all, I prefer Madagascar than this movie. Unfortunately, Madagascar was too late for us to watch, and hence, we end up with Quantum of Solace.
Few points that I make up after I watched this movie:
1. I have zero idea what this movie is all about. I did not know what James Bond is all about. What i understand is James Bond = 007, is it?
2. James Bond is a secret agent, is it?
3. James Bond movie is all about beauty and hot babes, fast and furious cars, and action-packed movie.
4. The introduction of the movie was too long, and boring.
5. The boringness of this movie was proved when guys sitting in front me sleeping while his mouth was gracefully opened.
6. The plot was complicated than Harry Potter.
7. The sitting at TGV 1-U was not great. I can’t stretch my legs and the sitting was too tight. By the way, we can’t purchase tickets from GSC because it was too many people queuing up. I still prefer GSC.
8. Did I mention the movie was BORING?

My weekend end by as usual, having football training matches on Sunday.

Till then,
Cheers..! (=

Friday, November 7, 2008
「 dancing away 9:29 AM 」

Its Friday..weehoo..which means that weekend is here and finally, I could get some breathing space from working life.. :P yup..i started my internship this week, and was so tiring especially on Monday..dont feel like going to work at all..but for the past few days has been okie..getting used to the work that I was assigned to..oh by the way,I was assigned to research some stuffs that my supervisor told me (not to reveal what I supposed to research, its company policy tho) hence, I goggle everyday..lols..

Alrite..gotta continue my work..till then..
Cheers..! (=

*oh yeah..its arsenal vs Man U this weekend (arsenal have so many players injured..hehe..!) luckily I don’t have to work this weekend…*a huge sigh of relief*