Life is a rollercoaster ride: March 2009
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
「 dancing away 3:30 PM 」

Last Saturday, I attended 20th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar in UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). The seminar was about the presentation by students who have completed their final year project or research done on the field of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. I will do my final year project starting next semester till end of the year, so this might be helpful to me. Anyway, it was a good turn out and expecting better facilities from the organiser itself.

The Booklet

My classmates were there. From left: myself, wei feng, shuie min, zhen hui and kian shing

I was in UPM basically 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. Later at night, sisters and I have to send my parents to Ritz-Carlton in KL for wedding dinner (only allow two persons, hmph!). We have to wait for our parents until they are finished with the dinner. So, we headed to Pavilion for dinner while waiting. We went to this Japanese Restaurant called Ichiban Boshi (at Level 1, near Food Court).

Beef Curry

Tempura Soba
Soba and Teridon Gozen
Nikotofu Gozen
Special reservation for raw sushi
I was rushing home later after dinner to catch United game against Fulham and to see them get beaten by a ‘FULHAM’ team 2-0.

Friday, March 20, 2009
「 dancing away 11:05 PM 」

I bought this ‘branded’ yogurt drink two weeks ago in one of the big hypermarkets here. The expiry date was stated 21st March 2009. So, it should not be a problem right? I kept it until last Tuesday when I finally opened it in the morning. By right, before you opened and start drinking it, you should turn the bottle up and down to ensure there’s no sediment at the bottom of the bottle. That’s what I did! To my surprise, when I start turning the bottle cap, there were some yogurt liquids with bubbles! And I even taste it, to my curiosity. It tastes awful and sour. I have never encountered situation like this after countless consumption of yogurt drink. And there’s only one conclusion, the drink was SPOILED! And waste money! Hmph! Even expiry date can’t guarantee you the condition of the drink will be good or otherwise. And there you are, “Carbonated Yogurt Drink”. Anyone?

P/s: I was hoping that I won’t need to visit the toilet on Tuesday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009
「 dancing away 4:20 PM 」

No matter how long you study for it,

No matter how much you memorise it,

No matter how much effort you put on it,

Now matter why you stay until the wee hours in the night, woke up early and continue it,

You still tend to forget the most important fact(s)!

I don’t know why I could felt so disappointed with it. I would really want to score in this, yet I perform miserably. Bad feeling something will happen. Felt so ashamed, red faced. Sigh.

Friday, March 6, 2009
「 dancing away 6:06 PM 」

I’m back after a hectic cum busy month (more coming soon!) of university life. Allow me to recap what had happened on scene and behind the scene; hope that this would not be a long post. As mentioned in the previous post, we had this MSMBB Quiz, and it just ended 22nd of February (feels like long time ago). I’m helping out with my bunch of my classmates and committee members for the quiz. Thanx guys. I have attend endless meetings with the lecturers, meeting up with my committee to prepare the nice mock cheque, tons of discussion with my respective lecturers whom are the organising committee – what should I do, what is the step needed to be done, what sort of stuffs needed to be prepared on time for the event, and lots of minor minor things and which could end up with a major problem! All of these meetings, discussion, various preparations have brought down to one thing, to make the quiz a successful event and it turned out to be great and awesome event! It might seem tiring and stressful as lots of works needed to be done, lots of things needed to be confirmed asap, to your surprise, I do actually enjoyed this kind of stuffs from organising the event till the completion of it. Running an event is not an easy task, seriously, and hence, you will need a committed and dedicated people to help you out in making an event successful.

Through this event, I could see so many aspects and different types of people, and maybe I should say attitudes of certain personality. Organising an event is not easy, and that’s why you need manpower or friends or people to help you out. Without them, it is impossible to hold an event with your single brain, a pair of hands and of course, and your legs. From my own point of view, I could categorise this into three main categories. First, people who are volunteered and committed in doing their respective job. Second, people who are so-called ‘volunteered’ after some serious asking ‘Can you help me on this event?” or “Would you be free to help me out? I’m lacking people to help me out” or I could say, they are forced to answer the question. Finally, the third type would be the ‘ghost’ who helped out just for some of their own objectives or gaining some incentives or advantages by the time they completed their job. The real deal was the second type. I need to see their face, listen to their endless stupid complains, read their body language of discomfort of doing their job, etc etc. One surprising remark that I receive back few years ago was this, “You got eyes see la. You see jus now got any committee come? Only sohai like us come.” Are you surprised with this remark? How would you felt when this kind of words thrown at you? I just have to swallow it hard and bitterly since I have left no choice. Another example remark that was made also few years ago, “We help out as volunteer, why everything needs to be prepared ourselves one?” Yup, the “one” is included and yup, I could still remember these remarks. Surprisingly.

University life has not been great so far. Dreadful deadlines driving me nuts, insurmountable workload kept pouring in (seems like there is no ending to this!). This week has one of the testing week, I would not say it was a stressful week. I could see many different types of personal message on MSN. Everyone was so busy, displaying DND (do not disturb mode). Allow me to give you all what is instored for me this coming few days and weeks, and what had just concluded.

4th Mac - IEB mid term
6th Mac -assignment deadline of Bioprocess (I have to skip two classes because of this)*shakes head*
7th Mac -Fermentation Mid term
10th Mac -Submission of Fermentation lab report
11th Mac -Fermentation assignment deadline
13th Mac -IEB assignment 2 deadline
16th Mac -Bioprocess Mid term
17th Mac -Food Micro mid term
*some breathing space*
26th Mac -Food Micro assignment deadline
30th Mac -Bioprocess and Fermentation Quiz
And April (final exam)

Until next time,
Cheers! (=