Life is a rollercoaster ride: June 2008
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
「 dancing away 6:03 PM 」 i getting darker?well,probably around six out of seven friends told me that i'm getting i?if you see yourself 24/7,you wouldn't notice by yourself rite?now..i can see myself better what they reason why i'm getting darker?

its FOOTBALL yo!!for the past few weeks..been regularly playing football on sunday mornings-i love sunday mornings =)..week in and week out..the time?8-10.30am..i know its freaking damn hot and sunny at that time but who cares?football is my passion and my blood..(alamak,so dramatic..hehe!) even if i getting darker and darker,i wouldnt stop playing football..but one thing remains the fact..that is my name is Simon..not muhammad simon bin toh,okie?

remains to be seen whether anyone will talk malay to me..or indian!lol.. =p


Tuesday, June 17, 2008
「 dancing away 9:51 PM 」

Kung Fu Panda

this movie is hilarious!really LOL-ed all the time when watching it..really look forward to this movie ever since Po pops out during cinema advertisement before the movie starts..haha!supposedly watched it last saturday since my sis ajak me to watch..but then,i have assignments to finish up and MCB mid-term..sigh..luckily both of them were over..yeah! ;)

thankfully,i have the chance to catch kung fu panda this afternoon with my classmates.. =) initially we have Stats mid-term today but then at very last minute,the exam was cancelled..argh!so,there is no class today and the mid term is postponed to next saturday..saturday?!ish..*shakes head*

anyway..back to this movie..the undoubtly main character in this movie would be the fat black panda (Po)..he was so eager to become a kung fu master just like his Ferocious Five Idols-namely Tigress, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Viper..well,the best part of this movie would be the fight scene that would make u LOL..haha!the fight that really stands out for me is the fight between Po and his Master Shifu where both of them fight out the dumpling the fact that Po loves to eat eat eat and eat..!

go and watch it..well recommended for 1 hour and 30 minutes of laughter..wonder hows the cantonese version of this movie will look like..hmm..


Friday, June 13, 2008
「 dancing away 7:52 AM 」


been relatively very busy this past few days..have so many things to do and conclude so many things,imagine have to submit everything in the period of 4-5 days,perhaps..i have physio assignment to pass this monday(i jus started yesterday)..then,i have MB tutorial to pass on monday as well(haven started),i have to finish up my physio lab report by tuesday(half way started)..and the worse is the mid-terms..and yup,MCB mid term this monday at 8AM yo...!argh..cant they even tolerate us one time..just one time..and possibly will have stats mid term as well on tuesday(she haven confirm the date)..pray that it will be next next week..

alright..alright..i know i should just stop complaining because i am now in a university..things are getting more tougher and complicated and lots of them too! have to be stronger in facing this kind of stuffs..thats bout it,i guess..

have a nice weekend folks..(i know i wont have mind,sigh..except for sunday mornings..weee...)

signing off

p/s:anyone watching EURO's?portugal and holland seems strong eh.. =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008
「 dancing away 5:17 PM 」

good or bad

this semester classes has been 'kind' to me..i finished early on thursday as my class ends at top of that,i dont have class on friday..which means i have three day break instead of two..weee...... :p but on wednesdays,it do get really really hectic..i have class from 8 in the morning till 3.30 in the afternoon, break..just look at the schedule..

8-10am-MCB(boring class)

10-1pm-MB Lab

1-2pm-Physio class

2-3.30pm-MB class

worse isnt it?gosh!u hope that you will not be in this situation,rite?sigh..however,this schedule is partially good and bad to me..the bad thing is that i have to survive on wednesdays..hmph!the good thing is that i'm free on

BUT...there are some problem with Business Stats class..they were too many students joining one session of classes or tutorial classes..until some of the latecomers have to sit outside and follows the lecture..and i guess the lecturer cant bear with it and she has too many slots to teach until she came up with saving-your-life-and-her-life plan today..normally,all tutorial were held on thursday,no other day..there are few slots available,from 9.30-11,11-12.30,2-3.30 and 3.30-5pm..all of the slots here were lectured by her..i chose the first slot as i can finish early for the day.. =)

TODAY..all the tutorial slots were changed..she said a new part-time lecturer will come in and lecture the tutorials classes,only..and she will lecture all the classes..fine..BUT,this new part-time lecturer is only free from 4 till 5.30PM,ONLY!!!gosh..everyone is complaining why the tutorial class so late..theres no other time meh,they this is the new three slots that she gave us to choose..

Wednesday: 4-5.30pm

i'm not choosing friday,of course..dont take away my friday!!!thursday:4-5.30pm?as mentioned earlier,i have only ONE class on thursday(9.30-11am),and that is Business Stats class..if i choose the thursday slot,i would have gone insane as i have 5 hour break there..this would vanish my record of longest break between classes(last time was 4 hour break) *shakes head* ..what i'm going do to?this is crazy..and i wouldnt come on purpose for the tutorial class in the afternoon even though my house near to my uni..(petrol hike,ok?) *shakes head even harder*

so..the slot left is on Wednesday:4-5.30pm..wednesday is going to be dead-or-alive day..!to understand better,look at the time slots..

8-10am-MCB( is a boring class)

10-1pm-MB Lab

1-2pm-Physio class

2-3.30pm-MB class

4-5.30pm-Business Stats tutorial

as you see,there's only half an hour break there..couldn't ask for more..maybe i could use that 30 minute break to get a quick nap,or go and get a cup of coffee to freshen things up.. ;) just hope that i will not be 'nyawa-nyawa ikan' when i reach home..well,thats the bad thing of this new schedule..

the good news is that i will NOT be having ANY classes on thursday and friday..which means i have four day break instead of three..OLE!muahahaha.. :p let see how things progress..oh ya,now only i realise something..all the subjects that i took this sem will be on wednesday alone,minus the labs.. ;)

this upcoming few weeks will be busy..two more assignments is coming soon..two have been given out,not even bother start total,i have FOUR assignments to finish up..the dateline of one of the assignment is next next week,16th, i guess..we'll cope with it.. =)

physio quiz tomorrow..sigh..